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Her suspicions grow over the following weeks, and when Catherine has a run-in with an escort named Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), she hires the ravishing blonde to test her husband's fidelity.After each encounter with David, Chloe reports back to Catherine with all the sordid details.They've been married for years and have a teenage son together, but lately the passion has faded from their romance.The morning after David misses his flight home -- and the elaborate surprise birthday party Catherine had planned to celebrate his return -- Catherine finds a text message on his phone that leads her to believe her husband is sleeping with a female student.But the further the experiment goes, the less clear Chloe's motivations for taking part in it become, and the more the untrusting wife begins to fear that the situation has spiraled out of control.

Suspecting infidelity, she decides to hire an escort to seduce her husband and test his loyalty. If there is a sub-genre called sexual thriller, "Chloe" would be the prototype. The sexual mystery and tension are captivating, and the copious nudity does not even come across as over the top or contrived.

Catherine is angered but insists that Chloe meet with David again.

Over the next few days, Catherine and Chloe meet multiple times, and Chloe describes in explicit detail her encounters with David, which arouses Catherine during one meeting; Chloe kisses Catherine, and Catherine, surprised by this, abruptly leaves.

She tells Catherine early on that her goal with every client is to become the thing they want most -- if she can just say the right thing, she can transform into their deepest desire.

She wants to be nothing more than a cipher, but that doesn't make for great drama, especially since we never get any scenes of her not on the job.

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