Cystic fibrosis dating another person with cystic fibrosis

if anyone knows how this can be stopped please let me know =[ it is parasites. dgirl24, you described my problem to a tee, even to arranging to be elsewhere when meetings come up.

it feels like air just moving up and down through my intestines, making loud sound as it moves around. This is a curse and I wish everyone affected by it luck in the future.

Can anyone give me some idea of how to make this stop? Not legitimate, I know, but it was either that or, well, I don't know.

Not legitimate, I know, but it was either that or, well, I don't know.

Hey guys, i completely understand what all of you are experiencing. i almost failed the class because all i could think about is oh no here it comes, then try to stop the sound but that only made it louder. the class room is so quiet and im sweating and my face is all red just because im so nervous and embarrased. I will keep searching for answers and I will continue to have hope but deep down I know I should give up. i started taking it today and i will try to come again in a week with an update. its so embarrasing everyone thinks im farting =/ it all started last year in social studies. one each week for 5 weeks because i wanted to be sure the parasites would have their eggs in it. It is not the need to relieve flatulence or have bowel movements but the digestive process in its entirety. I have tried antispasmodics, I have tried diet changes, I get plenty of fiber and water. Nothing helps and I do not think anything ever will. Lay off all types of sugar for awhile and see if that helps too. he prescribed me some pills called Kompensan S (again this is the name in portugal, i dont know if its the same out there), and the active substance is dimetilpoli Siloxane, which works almost like charcoal eliminating the gas. At least this is the information I have been told and have seen floating around online. If it were normal then everyone would have a loud digestive system. and even worse on exams ^^,) today i went to a doctor after reading this forum and he told me this is called aerofagia (portuguese term at least) and its caused by gas acumulation and its common to happen in individuals with irritable intestins. I, too, have had to deal with this for the past 5 years now. Every forum I go to in search of answers mention people that have been suffering with this condition for 10 or more years. It is embarrassing when no one understands these noises are natural, but just louder in some and not others.

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