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Characters: Narrator: Little Mister finds the fruit of the Spirit in this skit with love, joy, and peace. This can continue as long as you wish and can be quite hilarious.

Little Mister: Enters with signs taped to his clothing that say: LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, and SELF CONTROL. Anger: Enters and says, “Well, look at you mister smarty or should I say (looking at the sign on his bottom) “Mister Love Bottom? ” He points to a larger sign on his chest with the word “ANGER” written on it. Before this skit, have those watching write the names of characters, people, or animals on slips of paper and place them in a hat. Have three of the participants draw a name from the hat and act it out.

Now the three fishermen begin to discuss the young boy’s catch, using phrases such as: Finally, the man closest to the boy asks, “How come you have caught three fish and we have been fishing here since early morning and haven’t caught any? Variations: For each variation, repeat the dialog above, changing the end.#1 Last Camper: “No you aren’t. Please tell me who you are, so I can check our passenger list.”President (quite importantly): “I am the President of the United States.”Pilot: “Welcome aboard, Mr. Please take a seat.”The Pilot repeats this for each passenger and they respond as follows: Smart Man (very importantly): “I am the Smartest Man in the World.

It also teaches them to work together to come up with solutions. ”All Campers: “Sitting on this invisible bench.”One more Camper: “Oh no! Pilot looks nervously at controls, taps instruments, and then addresses passengers: “I’m sorry to report that we have a major malfunction.

Create scenarios where employees: Divide employees into small groups to role-play these scenarios. The plane is losing altitude and we will crash in just a few minutes. Please follow me.”The Pilot gets up and walks to the rear of plane with the President, Smartest Man, and camper falling in line behind him. Pilot (to camper): “Well, there’s only one chute left. I guess the pilot will go down with his ship.”Camper: “Actually, there are 2 chutes left.”Pilot: “Really? ”Camper: “Well, the Smartest Man in the World just jumped out with my knapsack!

”The boy responds, “Ru raffra reep re rorms rarm.”Another of the men poses that, “He must be speaking a foreign language.”The boy reels in another fish, saying, “Ru raffra reep re rorms rarm.”The boy looks at them, pretends to spit his bait into his hand, and says, “You have to keep the worms warm.”The third man says, “That’s disgusting.”The boy pantomimes placing the bait back in his mouth and goes on fishing. Anger: Pretends to punch Little Mister, who grimaces in pain. I moved the bench over there yesterday.” (Points)Camper #1: “But, I moved it back here this morning! ” (And sits down with the rest)#2 After the last camper says, “Oh, ok! We all have our invisible paint suits on.” (All stand up, and unzip front of invisible suits and step out.)This fun skit requires four campers to play the following parts: Preparation: Line up 4 chairs in a column sideways to the audience. The campers should sit in the following order: the camper at the back, then the smart man, and the President. I’ve just been awarded this wonderful ‘Smart Guy’ award and I am heading to my office to think about important things.”Camper: “I am a Camper on my way to summer camp.” (Or make up something specific for your group.)Pilot (after each passenger makes their response): “Welcome aboard.

Role Play Skits The goal of these role playing skits is to help employees understand how anger and yelling accomplishes nothing. ” (And sits down with the rest)One more Camper enters: “What are you guys doing? ” (Stand up and wipe paint off back sides.)#3: One more Camper: “Oh no! Please take a seat.”Pilot (taking his seat): “This is your pilot. Please buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.”The plane takes off and everyone looks out the windows for a few seconds.

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