Dating site for plus size women

"There's a very limited representation of bodies when it comes to media in general, especially when it comes to women" she says.

"In terms of finding love, you think about romantic comedies and advertisements depicting romance, and it's almost always about a thin woman.

Their CEO, who started the app after suing Tinder over sexual harassment she experienced as a cofounder there, has always been an outspoken advocate against sexual harassment and abuse.

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"We know that women in particular are really frustrated at how dating apps are set up to be incredibly focused on appearance.

"Ok Cupid has questions that focus on body shape — like, 'Can overweight people still be sexy? "But you see questions like that, and you think to yourself, In a way, she's right.

People are attracted to who they are attracted to, which leads back to representation, which turns this whole situation into the proverbial snake eating its own tail.

"We conducted research [internally] that found that there was an increased time spent in evaluating potential profiles that were in monochrome," says Meredith Davis, head of communications for The League.

"We found that not only did users spend more time evaluating each profile, but that [users] were nice and gave people more of a shot when shown the monochrome profiles." Davis didn't provide information on how many profiles were tested or why black-and-white photos, specifically, led to greater engagement, but she says the research showed that interaction with profiles went up "across the board, regardless of the profile user's hair color, skin tone, body shape, etc." But it's hard to tell at this point how effective these measures really are across the board.

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