Datingsimulator beach scene

There is also a "New Game Cycle" where the collecting and cleaning levels carry over in a new game, but nothing else.

It is noted however using Trip Tickets forgoes receiving any "Hope Fragments" for that particular event.While in School Mode the main goal was to gather materials to build Monokuma's back up units, in Island Mode the main goal is to collect all the "Hope Fragments", which can be achieved with spending Free Time Events with the other students while the gathering for a goal is the secondary goal.Hajime will also be given one block of Free Time every day - two at the end of the week that Hajime and his classmates are allowed off, called a "Holiday" - which can be spent in a similar way to the Main Game, either spent by himself or spending time with any of his classmates.Consumables are food you receive from Usami herself or cook by using your own materials.They can be used to refresh the students' health, increase levels and automatically clean the island.

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