Dstv on demand not updating

This saves the hassle of having to carry around an extra small item that could be lost easily.

The DStv HD Decoder 5-series decoder also comes with a brand new B6 remote controller.

If your decoder keeps rebooting, losing signal or missing channels, it is possible that your decoder is not compatible with the new software, which is automatically downloaded at /- 4am every morning. It is for this reason that you should let TV & Video Doctor send a qualified and experienced technician to your home to check your system.

Phasing out of old DSTV users equipment 30 October 2017 Frustration arises when you hear that you need to upgrade your decoder or dish and LNB. Let’s try to make it a little easier for you to understand: Decoders: The decoder is manufactured with the correct spec of hardware that is needed to run the latest system at that time and that is available on the market.

Eventually, it will reach a point where the hardware (decoder) is too old to understand the new software so it shuts down as it cannot read what has been downloaded.

If you need to upgrade your LNB to the Smart LNB contact TV Video Doctor!The reason for the “smart” is due to it not only sending a signal to the decoder but can also be used to send and receive the heartbeat signal needed when setting up Extraview and 3rd view. DStv HD Single-View Decoder (New 5-series) 22 October 2017 From the 1st November 2017, Multi Choice offers a new version DStv HD single-view decoder.The new DStv is not only smaller in size, but also boasts an embedded Smart card.This morning I woke up to discover that one of the DSTV decoders was in a constant boot cycle.It will boot, scan for a bit and reboot…continuously.

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