Fantasy chatbots sex

For decades, sex educators have encouraged women to take ownership of their bodies, explore them, and figure out how they work.Men have not received this message, presumably on the assumption that naughty boys cannot keep their hands off themselves, anyway.

Meanwhile, science fiction prophets have painted a future full of robotic dream girls, perfectly indistinguishable from their human templates.

The fact that so many self-identified red-pill men have become lost in the metaphor demonstrates how subtly blue-pill ideas can disguise themselves. Their sex toys are not full male forms, but simple, utilitarian tools, designed to hit the right nerve endings, which they do with super-human prowess.

The story of a man going head-to-head (so to speak) with a Hitachi Magic Wand would end like John Henry’s encounter with the steam engine.

Just like no bird can fly as high or as fast as a Boeing 747, these options present men with variety, feeling, and sensations that women cannot provide, all to be indulged in selfishly and at will.

Hoping for life-like sex robots should not distract from what is available today, including pornography, erotica, toys, internet chats, and much more.

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