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Often, the date on page 3 is a better indication of when the individual was promoted since the dates on page 1 are always the first of a month, regardless of when the promotion actually occurred.There were two common terms the Germans used for rank changes, and they had distinctly different meanings.We would like to thank him for his generosity as well as thank all those who have contributed to this article.It is with their efforts, we are able to share this valuable research with the rest of you.

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Ernennung means "appointment" and this term was used for entry into positions that were not strictly "rank", but rather a "duty assignment".

Later, someone else crossed this word out, wrote Ernennung above it, and in two cases, an officer initialed the correction! Another entry encountered on this page (4 books in our study) is a notation for replacement of a dogtag.

The entry in column two will read Erkennungsmarke, E-marke, or just EK, followed by the data on when and where the new tag was issued.

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The following was taken from the Die Neue Feldpost newsletter & was done so with permission of the publisher.

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