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White was also struggling with singing a confidentiality contract at this time, and the longer she took to sign the papers the more verbally abusive she claims Carrey is becoming with her, calling her 'worthless,' a 'b****,' and a piece of s***' according to notes from March 27.

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Sweetman stated in her complaint the her daughter's suicide came after years of 'abuse' at the hands of the actor, which included 'Carrey giving Ms.

White three STDs without warning her, lying to her about it, "dumping her out of concern fro saving his own carefully crafted public image, calling her a 'Whore" and shaming her.

White responds that she is 'too numb to talk' after a 'horrible few days,' and on February 27 she shared the news about her STD test with the therapist.

'[White] cries that she now have contracted 3 STDs that [Carrey] gave her,' read the sessions notes, which go on to say that Carrey said he wanted to 'free' after White confronted him with the results.

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