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I said are you serious you do not know what cars you offer your customers? I would be lying if I said I knew what that car was ( my 20 yr old son did he said it was a car from a video game but in a nut shell it’s a race car) He offered me a car that was smaller but was gonna still charge me for the bigger car that I reserved I told him “NO” & I ended up w/ a Hyundai Sonnata, which was fine cause I like Hyundai’s ( own 2) once the transaction was completed to get the correct car he said he needed a credit card (cc) for a 0.00 deposit & when I return the car I will get it Bach ( I wanted to pay cash upon my return) I requested that they keep the deposit & I’ll pay the difference @ the end he said they are not allowed. I went to the window gave my paper work the woman in the booth did not even greet me handed me a key & said your car is in spot 69. W/ annoyance she said right over there around the corner. I’m sorry but I love Enterprise not only do they pick you up , they drop you off bring the car to you go over the car w/ you to point out any dings the car may have & if it’s not clean to your satisfaction they reclean it right then & there or offer you another car.

Again A LOT of repeating & yelling very choice words I demanded to s/w a supervisor & not to give me any excuses as to why he can’t get one on the phone & DO NOT get a colleague on the phone pretending to be a manager after several times being out on hold & consistently being told there was anyone available to s/w me.The problem is today i see on my Credit Card statement that i have been charged 300 dollars to Hertz..I call the location and ask them what is going on with this charge and I’m told that it’s a Smoking in the Car charge..More irritating was the response from Customer Service, who, in multiple communications gave no indication of considering the incongruence of the charges, but rather quoted his standards and defended his position based on supplemental information which was never provided. I will take my business to an organization that treats me with respect.Reply I rented a full size car from Hertz location where I live.

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