Praying for a dating relationship Bi teenage chat

• When Jesus predicted His death, Peter was adamant that it wouldn't happen.Jesus immediately reprimanded Peter to let him know he needed an eternal perspective: "You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men" (Matthew ).

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Since He has given us free will, we can respond by submitting or rejecting His sovereignty — following or turning away from Him.

It isn't that we don't love God, but rather, that we are constantly bombarded by earthly ideals — and we unwittingly succumb to them.

Yet to pray with an eternal, rather than momentary perspective, we need to come alongside what God is doing rather than require that He come alongside our shortsighted desires.

A mother's heart, a child's will and God's divine direction become entwined when moms commit to praying for their kids.

Long before my two boys entered high school, I prayed that neither of them would have a steady girlfriend until they could behave like gentlemen. However, as my oldest son, Brian, entered high school, my prayers changed to mirror his longing for a dating relationship.

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