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C.: The Chinese emperor Shih Huang Ti is said to have buried alive 460 Confucian scholars to control the writing of history in his time. C., he burned all the books in his kingdom, retaining only a single copy of each for the Royal Library — and those were destroyed before his death. 8: The Roman poet Ovid was banished from Rome for writing ). All Ovid’s works were burned by Savonarola in Florence in 1497, and an English translation of Ars Amatoria was banned by U. He thought the epic poem was dangerous because it expressed Greek ideas of freedom.With all previous historical records destroyed, he thought history could be said to begin with him. 640: According to legend, the caliph Omar burned all 200,000 volumes in the library at Alexandria in Egypt.Some poets decided they should no longer write in verse because they were persuaded that their lines were wicked and impure.Popular songs were denounced, and some were turned into hymns with new pious lyrics.

1597: The original version of Shakespeare’s was banned by King James I of England for “being too saucy in censuring princes.” 1624: Martin Luther’s German translation of the Bible was burnt in Germany by order of the Pope.

On his death, his widow agreed to destroy some of his manuscripts.

1720: Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe was placed on the Index Librorum by the Spanish Catholic Church.

In doing so, he said: “If these writings of the Greeks agree with the Book of God they are useless and need not be preserved; if they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.” In burning the books, the caliph provided six months’ fuel to warm the city’s baths.

1497–98: Savonarola, a Florentine religious fanatic with a large following, was one of the most notorious and powerful of all censors.

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