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Please pray that this person goes on the company trip with me and everything goes as perfectly as I hope!

Please pray that I obtain my goal this month at my job. I ask the lord to help give patience and strength to my husband who is dealing with ptsd. I ask the lord to help us as we continue to wait on the 6th year of financial difficulty and stress Awaiting his lawsuit which the company is dodging the trial by continuing to change lawyers. Also i ask him to help me deal with my wrongful dissmissal lawsuit.

Please pray that I will soon find a new safe and peaceful place to live in 2018, and new paid work hopefully in the same city where I am scheduled to start University.

I live in a homeless hostel which is temporary accommodation and the guy in the flat within the hostel downstairs bangs to disturb me loudly but soon complains if I disturb him. Please pray for miracles and Father God and Jesus to shine their favor on my Beautiful wife Jill and I Lawrence and our beautiful marriage, to fully heal us both of all sickness illness health conditions issues, that soon very soon both my Beautiful wife Jill and I Lawrence and our beautiful marriage will enjoy a full and abundant life, that we fully enjoy our full and our beautiful marriage, that we will both enjoy eating breathing sleeping talking walking dancing drinking enjoy a full and beautiful sex life between each other.

This reading uses time-tested techniques to analyze all the relationships in your life, including friendships, love, marriage, and sex.

Bill Hajdu We launched our first site,, during the year of the Fire Pig.

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