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A former intern at Epic Records named Tracy Sampson filed a lawsuit alleging that Kelly encouraged her “into an indecent sexual relationship” in 2000, when she was 17 years old.Her suit foreshadows the more recent allegations about Kelly’s emotional manipulation of women.Kelly with an underage girl from an anonymous source.Shortly after publishing the story about Hawkins’s lawsuit, De Rogatis received a videotape from an anonymous source, which purported to show Kelly having sex with an underage woman.Her suit, filed in April, alleged that she had sex with Kelly “20 and 30 times” before turning 17, and that Kelly impregnated her and coerced her into having an abortion, MTV reported at the time.

“She had another baby later, but she’s still never gotten over what she did.The family also successfully argued to expunge all records of the marriage in 1997, because Aaliyah was too young to be married without her parents’ permission under Illinois law at the time.According to De Rogatis, Aaliyah “quickly ended her personal and professional relationships” with Kelly after the marriage.This morning, Buzz Feed published a story about two young women whose parents believe they are being abused and manipulated in a cultlike relationship with R. The shocking story alleges that the R&B legend recruited women as young as 18, banned them from communicating with their family and friends, controlled what they wore and ate, and recorded sexual encounters with them.The parents of the two women featured in the story believe their daughters are being held against their will, and have attempted unsuccessfully to have law enforcement intervene. The late R&B singer recorded her first album, published a marriage certificate between the two filed in 1995, in Rosemont, Illinois, on which Aaliyah’s age had been falsified as 18.

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