Single-chamber versus dual-chamber pacing for high-grade atrioventricular block

Recommendations are limited to treatments, drugs, and devices approved for clinical use in the United States.

The Latter recounts the history of the collaboration, changes over time, current policies, and planned initiatives to meet the needs of an evolving health-care environment.

Intended Use—CPGs provide recommendations applicable to patients with or at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The focus is on medical practice in the United States, but CPGs developed in collaboration with other organizations may have a broader target.

Clinical Implementation—Management in accordance with CPG recommendations is effective only when followed; therefore, to enhance the patient’s commitment to treatment and compliance with lifestyle adjustment, clinicians should engage the patient to participate in selecting interventions on the basis of the patient’s individual values and preferences, taking associated conditions and comorbidities into consideration (e.g., shared decision making).

Consequently, there are circumstances in which deviations from these CPGs are appropriate.

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