Updating genius on itunes

If you start running out of space, you will either need to disable some data that is being synced to your i Cloud account or you will need to purchase more space.

Quite frankly, I don’t think more space on i Cloud is worth the extra fee.

The i Phone is a powerful device for storing some of your most important information, so ensuring that your data is backing up on a regular basis is extremely important.

Manually backing up your device provides extra security when you need to troubleshoot your problems with your device by restoring it from the most recent backup.

To enable Wi-Fi sync and backup, check section you will see information about your i Phone and the buttons for backing it up.

Typically your backups will be done to i Cloud, but if you want to back up to your computer instead, select “This computer” under where it says Backups.

Family Sharing makes it easy to set up and share just the features your family needs.

Your family will also get a shared photo album that lets everyone add photos they choose to share, a family calendar, and the ability to help locate each others’ missing devices.

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By storing all your photos and videos safely in i Cloud, you’ll have more space on your i Phone to take even more great shots.Let us know about your experiences with backing up and restoring your i Phone.Is there anything about the process you find cumbersome? On your i Phone, check Backing up your i Phone’s data to i Tunes is a pretty straightforward process.When you connect your i Phone to an electrical outlet, it should by default automatically sync with i Tunes on your computer if both devices share the same Wi-Fi network.

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