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And learning Latin helps students learn other languages.

Some educators, however, think teaching Latin is not the best use of time for students.

“His assertion throughout his talk [in Prague] was that Aristotle said those who were called to study philosophy should do so, and that those who pursued it in their own time were bad men.

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From the Oxford Student: Czech academic Dr Julius Tomin has slammed Balliol and the University generally for their supposed reluctance to participate in open academic debate about Plato.

Vice-Master of Balliol Dr John Jones claimed the statement about Dr Tomin’s supposed exclusion was “misleading”.

On May 4, I will stand in front of Balliol from 11am to 12 am, holding a sign: ‘A philosopher from Prague appeals to Oxford Academics: Let us discuss Plato’. The first I had in Prague with Dr Anthony Kenny, Master of Balliol, in April 1980, in an unofficial philosophy seminar.

Latin is considered by many to be a dead language, but not by Marie Davis.

Davis, who teaches Latin to children at Daniels Run Elementary School in Fairfax City, is trying to develop students' skills not just in word recognition but in conversation, too.

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