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This compilation was produced by Josh Leo and features a number of band and session players over the 15 tracks selected.

There is also an interesting accompanying DVD documentary that helps explains Donahew’s outlook and individual take on his music.

He has put together some players in support who are an acoustic song with a sound that has melody and harmony with an echoed vocal that reminds of the likes of Al Stewart to a degree.

Another song takes the expression “if the good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise” - a phase used to good effect also by Hank Williams Snr. Now where’s that magnifying glass and I’ll read the text on the cover.

All are very personable and purposeful songs that are bolstered by some fine playing and Garett’s worn and lived-in voice and peopled stories.

Although it falls into the mini-album/EP category it showcases a late blooming artist who could well produce some more music that fits neatly into the plus side of the country/Americana tally.

It features Gray’s equally transatlantic musical outlook which blends some Americana bluesy roots rock with some hard rock 60’s UK attitude.

From then on it gets a little more serious with songs that are about relationships and related issues.

Cousin Harley Little Pig Any rockabilly or Merle Travis fan would be happy to hear and own this respectful tribute.

It takes 12 songs associated with Travis - many written or co-written by Travis with one track written by the band’s guitarist Paul Pigat. He is joined by Keith Picot on bass and Jesse Cahill on drums for their invigorating run through were more open.

For he sings about the belief he had in the things that the lady in question told him, even though she subsequently told him that they were lies.

He plays banjo on this track and it adds to the overall mood of the song. In his intro he explains that his room has two pictures on the wall Jesus and Lawrence Welk and why he didn’t have a girlfriend.

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